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Top tips to drive retailers to your B2B webshop

So, you have either successfully moved to a digital B2B sales platform or are considering doing so. Next step is to get your ERP system fully integrated with your B2B webshop, importing your products and customers and then teaching your team how to use the system. You are now ready to optimize your B2B sales! But how do you make sure your retail buyers are going to use your B2B webshop?

This post will help you tackle some of the challenges of B2B eCommerce platform user adoption and show you how to  drive your retailers directly to your B2B webshop in just 5 simple steps. 

1. Communicate effectively  

Many businesses invest heavily in a B2B sales solution but forget how important it is to establish an effective communication with existing retailers from day one. This is particularly important as you want your retailers not only to be aware of the existence of your B2B webshop but also showcase the many benefits of purchasing online.

In order to achieve this you can initially send them an email to inform them of your new platform and emphasise with a few bullet points on aspects such as, convenience and freedom to purchase 24/7 without having to contact you, accessibility to see stock levels in real-time and images of all your product variants, recommended retail prices, among other things. Secondly, you should give them a call to make sure they received your email and to encourage them to use it as soon as possible.

2. Create a great user experience 

Probably one of the most important factors to drive your retailers to use your B2B webshop is to make their experience online as easy as possible. A good way to achieve this is by uploading good quality high-res images, as well as having strong detailed product descriptions. Also, another aspect to bear in mind is to showcase previous and new collections and categories in a intuitive way, so that when your retailers log in they can easily find your products. This is something your provider should help your business with during the implementation process. It will ensure retailers have everything they could possibly need in order to place an order from your B2B webshop.

3. Incentivise 

Incentives are super important and a great way to encourage your retailers to take that first step towards using your new B2B eCommerce solution because they know that they will get some benefits in return.

By giving your retailers some rewards after implementation you encourage them not only to log in for the first time but also motivate them to keep coming back. You can give them different incentives, such as discount on placing new orders through your B2B webshop or when buying items from old collections, you can also give selected customers early access to a new collection in your B2B webshop.

4. Educate and train 

It is as important to train your team on how to use the platform as it is to provide some support for your buyers. Your B2B sales platform should  be ready to answer any queries your retailers might have and provide access to “how-to” videos explaining the order-placing process which could be very useful to your retailers. In addition, doing quick demonstrations to your buyers during fairs and tradeshows can also boost user adoption.  

Also, remember to give your retailers as much information as possible regarding all the processes that take place after a sale. For example, clarify everything related to order shipment, processing of new payments, update them on any new products or even remind them to re-stock bestsellers which will lead them back to your B2B webshop.

5. Use and maintain it regularly

This might sound obvious but it is really important that after implementation and onboarding, yourself and your team use regularly your new B2B eCommerce solution. This will not only ensure you’re comfortable with how the system works but also makes a better case for your retailers to start using it.

Also, it is very important to remember that even when digital platforms can be a very powerful tool for brands, as they can automatically sync your data, they should also be maintained like any other software. Making sure your prices are correct and your inventory kept up-to-date, is key to the optimal functioning of your B2B eCommerce solution.

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